Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Daily Amy: Mom Happy

Amy Winehouse's mother is super happy that Blake is back in jail, and rightfully so. She had this to say in an interview today:

"We're so happy he's back in jail. We hope he's in there for a long time. We're all so furious with Blake for what he's done to Amy. He's very manipulative and I think he's just playing a hand. He works on Amy's emotions and is always threatening to kill himself. There's no doubt that he's to blame for Amy's state. I don't even like to call Blake my son-in-law. He's nothing to me. He's cost her everything - hundreds of thousands of dollars and more importantly her health."

This was AFTER today the Winehouse clan found out that during their sex romp in the hospital last week, Blake actually snuck drugs into her room afterall and the 2 did crack in the hospital. Amy turned over the leftover drugs today saying "Its time to turn a new leaf."

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