Monday, December 1, 2008

Rosie Cancelled

Rosie Odonnell brought huge new ratings and a new breath of life into "The View" however she couldn't sell the American tv watcher on her variety show. It recieved horrible reviews (including a very mixed one from me) and under 3 million viewers (which is very poor for the night before Thanksgiving). NBC had given her 4 slots, including a Christmas special, to try out the format and based on how those 4 shows went, she had a possibility of making it a weekly show. However after only 1 special, Rosie has been cancelled. There will be no more variety specials. Rosie herself went onto her blog and had this to say about it:

not enough rehearsal
the live part wasnt a plus
the in theater experience didnt transfer to tv
we were going for ed sullivan
and theres only one carol b
and hey
i gave it my best shot
there will b no more
no ratings
bad reviews
yet still - a thrill 4 me

I can only hope for the best for the Osbournes, as they will premiere their variety show on tv soon.

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