Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Britney

Happy 27th birthday today to Britney Spears. She has been such a train wreck the past 2 years, however the Princess of Pop is on track to have a killer comeback. She has a fantastic new cd Cirucs, which drops today on her birthday, and is looking KILLER (as you can see in the pic). She also announced the tour dates for her Circus CD tour. What a difference a little time makes! Happy Birthday and keep on going girl!

Here are the tour dates for Britney's tour:

3/3/2009 NEW ORLEANS, LA
3/5/2009 ATLANTA, GA
3/7/2009 MIAMI, FL
3/8/2009 TAMPA, FL
3/11/2009 UNIONDALE, NY
3/13/2009 NEWARK, NJ
3/16/2009 BOSTON, MA
3/18/2009 TORONTO, ON
3/20/2009 MONTREAL, QC
3/24/2009 WASHINGTON, DC
3/26/2009 UNCASVILLE, CT
3/27/2009 PITTSBURGH, PA
3/30/2009 HOUSTON, TX
3/31/2009 DALLAS, TX
4/2/2009 KANSAS CITY, MO
4/6/2009 EDMONTON, AB
4/8/2009 VANCOUVER, BC
4/9/2009 TACOMA, WA
4/11/2009 SACRAMENTO, CA
4/12/2009 SAN JOSE, CA
4/14/2009 SALT LAKE CITY, UT
4/16/2009 LOS ANGELES, CA
4/19/2009 ANAHEIM, CA
4/24/2009 PHOENIX, AZ
4/25/2009 LAS VEGAS, NV
4/28/2009 CHICAGO, IL !!!!
6/3/2009 LONDON, UK
6/4/2009 LONDON, UK

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