Thursday, December 4, 2008

Doubt recieving more bad reviews

Doubt had been getting mixed reviews (especially the lead performance by Meryl Streep) but oddly enough, Entertainment Weekly, which just had Streep on its cover, hates the movie, giving it a C-. OUCH! Here's some quotes from the review:

"Streep, apparently left to her own devices, lugs a load of mannerisms under the pruny nun’s severe black habit, encouraged by the movie’s literal-minded director. Sister A may be an intimidating, spirit-breaking character — but for all that, she’s also 
 a servant of God unswerving in her code of right and wrong, and we ought to feel her burden. We don’t. Speaking lines written to reach the stage heavens, the cast is infernally noisy and hectoring about mysteries that ought 
 to be felt with a communal hush. I doubt that’s what the creator — I mean the playwright — had in mind.”

"The one standout is Viola Davis."

Meanwhile they loved Frost/Nixon giving it an A.

Its interesting that both these films are launched to come out at the same time, and both are based on award winning Broadway plays.

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