Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Top 12 Most Fascinating of the Year

If Barbara Walters can do it, so can I. I had trouble nailing it down to 10, so here are my top 12 most fascinating people of the year!

She had a great cd (Hard Candy), she went on the best selling tour of the year all over the Globe (Sticky and Sweet Tour), she released a documentary about Malawi and AIDS, she adopted a child from Malawi, she directed her first feature film (Filth and Wisdon), oh yeah and that whole divorce battle and A-Rod romance twist. Madonna proved yet again she is never boring.

She breathed new life into an all but dead show (The View). She got into fights with endless celebrities (Donald Trump, Kelly Ripa, Barbara Walters.. to name a few), she released a tell all book about her time on the View, and she tried and failed at a primetime variety show.

Made famous for his wife (Amy Winehouse) Blake also proved to be fascinating this year. Whether it was his arrest, his smuggling drugs in jail, his rumored girlfriends, his nude self leaked onto facebook via Amy, his rehab attempts, or his recent tell-all interview in which he admitted he has single handedly destroyed Amy, Blake sadly has been quite fascinating.

She turned SNL into something watchable again. She could have carried her own with the old castmates I loved (from Gilda and John to Cheri and Will). Although Tina Fey recieved all the credit, I think it was Kristin Wiig who, as a castmate, is making the show work again.

She finally got her own show on MSNBC! She brings a much needed female perspective to the nightly political opinion shows. She also seems quite rational and even LIKEABLE! Added onto that shes an out lesbian!

Love her or hate her, former Survivor player Elisabeth has held her own as the lone republican blowhard on the View. She's stood up to Rosie, Joy, Barbara, anyone who tried to call her out on her bullshit. She even stumped on the campaign trail for Palin. She had quite a year.

She made the most box office money of a female in one year ever this year (with the one-two-three punch of Wanted, Kung Fu Panda, and Changeling), she is garnering much Oscar buzz, she had twins with Mr. Pitt, all the while helping fundraise for New Orleans, refugees, AIDS, and gay rights.

If you read this blog you know what I think of Sarah Palin - however no matter the hatred it doesn't mean she wasnt fascinating. She went from a nobody governor to the face of a party! At the same time making gaffs left and right on the campaign trail and perhaps killing McCains shot, she also gained tons of support, and I doubt its the last we hear of her.

My what happened in a year. As we began 2008 Britney was at the height of her craziness: wearing the pink wig, speaking in the accent, getting pregnant left and right, smoking and drinking too much, being carted to the looney bin, etc. But now fast forward to the last month of the year and she is releasing a fantastic album, gearing up for a world tour, and looking better than ever. What a difference a year makes.

She went where no woman has gone before, and nearly won the nomination for presidency. She held her own in every single debate, and proved herself to be a tiger in the political world. And now as the dust settles, she has put aside the campaign bitterness and is now set to be Secretary of State. Although the year may have not gone the way she wanted it too, she didn't lose any respect and she has ended on an extremely high note.

No one has ever sky-rocketed faster. A 2 term senator from Illinious has become the first african american president. He provided a level of excitement and hope that has been missing from politics my entire life. He turned states from Republican to Democrat. He is our president.

Did you have any doubt?
She continued to sell millions while at the same time seems to be falling apart. When you thought she wouldn't live to see another day, she would show up to a concert and sound amazing. She was in and out of the hospital with a various list of ailments (emphysema, seizures, overdoses, reactions to medications), she beat people up, she spit and clawed her way through the paparazzi. All the while she lived her music, she was desperately in love. She made it through the year and I hope that next year she will have released new material and be out of the dark hole she is in. Reguardless she is my favorite celebrity of the year, and I wish her the best.

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