Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Its Thanksgiving eve, and I have stopped by Nicholas' while he is out to feed and play with the cats and so I thought I would list why I am thankful after a great day with amazing friends. So here it is:

* I am thankful for the freedom to be me. I know that I live in a country which has taken a step towards better change. However reguardless of what I can and cannot do by law I know that I have the freedom to make my own choices and live my life as I see fit. Thats a great reason to be thankful.

* I am thankful for the most amazing group of friends who have supported me, loved me, been there for me, made me laugh, made me cry, made me think, and always make me greatful. I won't go into naming names, because they know who they are. Some have been with me for years, and some are new additions to my life, they all however are a part of me. And having them in my life is a great reason to be thankful.

* I am thankful for having a mother, father, 2 grandmothers, and a great extended family that, although far away, love me and support my reason for moving 700 miles away. I know no matter our differences that the love is and always will be there. I am thankful that I get to be with them soon, and know no matter the distance that they are with me. That is a great reason to be thankful.

* I am thankful that Amy Winehouse has lived another Thanksgiving. You think I'm joking, but I am now. She is one of my favorite inspirations, and that shes still with us is a great reason to be thankful.

* I am thankful that in the past year I was lucky enough to meet the greatest man I have ever met in my entire life. I have been in relationships before, long ones even. And meeting Nicholas has changed my outlook on love, what it means to be in a relationship, and he has changed my life. Without him I don't know what I would do. He is the yin to my yang, the keys to my computer, the love of my life. I have no doubt that we will be together forever - and its something I want to shout from the mountains. I want to tell him thank you for everything he does for me, everything he makes me feel, but words simply couldn't do it - especially on this lowly blog. Hopefully one day I can find the words to express my love. He is the love of my life, and that is certainly something to be thankful for.


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