Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"The Ultimate Betrayal" by Amy Winehouse

The latest Blake news (which I havent even reported because I hate him) is that when in rehab he got a 19 year old girl, who is also an addict, pregnant. And last week she revealed to the London media that she would be having Blake's child. Meanwhile Blake is trying to sue Amy for adultery, for millions of dollars. Doesn't seem like that will work now will it Blake?! Fool.

Anyhow Amy has obviously been distraught over the news, but luckily she seems to be channeling it into her music. She penned the song "The Ultimate Betrayal" the day the news dropped. And currently is said to be writing the music for the song. One of her record execs took a moment to comment on the tune:

“Amy still felt they had something between them and that one day they'd be together again. She sat down with her guitar and started writing 'The Ultimate Betrayal'…She keeps repeating the line: 'Blake a baby, no, no, no.' it’s very haunting. And more importantly its very beautiful. It's wonderful to see Amy, again, taking a negative and fusing it creatively into music. The song will be on her new album. She is very proud of it, and so are we."

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