Friday, April 3, 2009

So Long Megan, Until we Meet again!

STUPIDLY and UNFAIRLY America proved they suck again and my favorite Idol Megan was eliminated on Wednesday. Never mind, she will go strong I'm sure. So in her honor, here are some AWESOME interviews she gave after her controversial exit - and all of her studio performances from each week! I LOVE YOU MEGAN!

american idol extra interview:

American Idol Extra with Paula

Fox Philly interview

Fox This Morning interview

Fox LA

entertainment weekly interview:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It seems like you performed the song way more in the judges' faces last night than you did on Tuesday night. Was that a big F.U. to them?

MEGAN JOY: Yeah, I was ready to be right in their faces. They have a habit of talking to each other while we sing. That's so rude.

EW: It looked like you and Allison got really close. Was she your house bestie? Did you talk about being in the bottom three?

MJ: She's my girl. She's been my roommate for a long time. I had the softest spot in my heart for her. I never cared to talk about why I was down there. I always expected it and was prepared. I just wanted her to know that she's incredible and has tons of fans and not to get down on herself in any way.

EW: How was your going away dinner last night?
MJ: I had a blast. It was a really fun night. They all told me what a good person I am and how they think I have the best attitude and spirit. Even Simon came to my dinner.

EW: Not to mention dance moves. What was up with those?
MJ: I can't help it. I don't know why it happens. I would say to people who hate them, ''Too bad. Close your eyes.'' The producers were constantly like, ''Practice in the mirror!'' But I don't like to. I don't want to plan anything. I won't sound the same if I'm focusing on my body. So I never took that advice. Maybe I should have.

EW: At least the judges always seemed to like your looks.
MJ: Yeah, sometimes I was like, come on! I'm not here for that. I'm not used to that though. I'm a jeans and no-makeup kind of girl, so sometimes getting dressed up like that made me feel good.

EW: What's next for you? Do you still want to sing?
MJ: I want to go home and be with my baby and lay low until the tour. And after that I'll figure out what doors will be open to me.

EW:I read on the Idol website that you really want to be on Yo Gabba Gabba. Have they called?
MJ: They have not! But I've met a couple of people who know people that work on the show. So I'm just going to show up there and beg them.

MTV Interview:

# What was with all the “caw- caw” stuff?
“I love birds and bird noises and I just decided if I’m going out, I’m going out with a bang and I’m just gonna be myself. I flew the whole time!”

# So it’s not that you didn’t care about the show?
“I cared about the competition, like, I didn’t want people to misunderstand me not caring, I just didn’t care that Simon didn’t like my song.”

# Was it easier to sing knowing there was no chance of being saved?
“It was for sure easier cuz I didn’t care if I messed up, which I did. I was just stoked to flop around and be right in their faces and sing it, sing it right at ‘em.”

# No one's ever done that. I love it!
"Thanks. I loved it too. It was fun!"

# Are you proud of you brother talking back to Kara on Tuesday night calling her a broken record?
“I’m always proud of my brother. He’s my boy and he’s like me, he just can’t help but be himself and I wasn’t surprised at all that he did it. It cracked me up. I was glad that Kara ended up taking it lightheartedly, though (laughs).”

# Will you be getting a new tattoo?
“I definitely am. I have a lucky ring that I’ve worn the entire time and I’m gonna have that tattooed on my ribs."

# What will she do when you see your son (probably on Wednesday)?
“I’m gonna hold him for as long as he’ll let me and I’m gonna try not to sob like a lunatic cuz, I’m sure he’ll just be confused and scared. It’s gonna be beautiful, I cannot wait.”

# We loved you here, and were sure you'll get a contract. What would you be interested in doing along with music?
“I would love, like, I love cartoons. I like doing voices, I love Pixar. There’s a couple shows like I wanna make an appearance on. I’m down for whatever. Whatever life wants to introduce me to, I would love to dabble.”

# What were you planning to sing next week?
“I was gonna sing “Separate Lives” by Phil Collins because it’s beautiful and I was ready to show a softer side like they kept telling me. Oh well. I'll sing it to my son, and it will be better like that I'm sure.


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