Friday, April 3, 2009

New Amy News!

Amy Winehouse has been VERY busy lately. She boarded a plane 2 days ago to return to St. Lucia. Why? Not to party this time, but to record her 3rd album!! She is teaming with Salon Remi (who produced her first album Frank) and Mark Ronson (who produced Back to Black) and is busy in the studio recording tracks. She said in a quickie interview: "I don't have time for fun right now. I just wanna make my album. But its good I don't go out. I usually wind up getting arrested anyway." Haha!

Also she was honored with the news that the dress she wore for Nelson Mandela's birthday bash last year would go on display at the Hard Rock Cafe in the UK and a replica in the US. To celebrate she had a small party at the Hard Rock Cafe, and bought 140 guests all tequila shots. Oh Amy youre so generous.

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