Tuesday, April 7, 2009

O'Reilly tries to Expose Adam - The bookies Predict him

American Idol winner (I hope) Adam Lambert is certainly getting the most attention of anyone this season, or any other I can remember (except maybe when Frenchie did porn in season 2). Last night the idiotic Bill O'Reilly proved he has been out of the loop and ran this "report" on Adam:

As I am sure O'Reilly is trying to get the conservative base to rally against Adam and his "crazy ways" .. the bookies meanwhile are overwhelmingly predicting Adam to win the season:

So there O'Reilly. Also since youre bringing things up, can I bring up the sexual harrasment and molestation charges brought on to you a couple years ago by your intern? Hows that for your viewing audience.

Meanwhile Danny Gokey fans try to get him press (HAHAHAHAHA)

With Megan gone - my 100% support goes to ADAM!!

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