Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol: Top 8

This week American Idol went back to the year the contestants were born. And I will admit all I wanted to see was Megan's baby pictures, but alas America is foolish and booted her last week. I almost must admit I care a lot less now. Mainly because my favorite left, is a shoe in to win or at least make the finals. However, he always trumps himself. And he gets me excited in the show all over again! LONG LIVE ADAM .. the rest are just struggling to survive. However there were a couple surprises tonight:

#1) - ADAM - Mad World! Now here is Mad vocals, they always refer too. Yet again, Adam has topped himself, and this was his best performance to date in my book. He took a great song, and actually improved upon it. I loved it.

#2) - ALLISON - She's back in form this week. I have found her to become kinda bleh and boring, but this week she was on point. She can sing, there is no doubt about it. She beter not be in the bottom this week.

#3) - MATT - Matt is someone I liked in the beginning and up until now have just forgotten about. He has been boring and odd the past few weeks, but he really shined tonight. He was soo close to being my second place choice. Good job Matt. I hope he continues this and doesn't revert back to blandness.

#4) - KRIS - It gets tough now because I thought everyone else was bad. Kris was least bad I guess. Certainly his worst performance so far - nothing special.

#5) - ANOOP - Although it put me to sleep, and was his most boring job yet (which is tough) it was more in key than my last 3. He is a waste of a spot though. He should have left last week.

#6) - DANNY - Being the other frontrunner (with Adam) he is sooo unimpressive its scary. This was actually bad. Sometimes I think his vocals are okay, even though I hate him, but this week he butchered a perfectly good song. Awful!

#7) - SCOTT - Wow! Scott is just awful. There is no way of getting around it. And this week may have been his worst yet. And his fake guitar playing was embarrassing to say the least. However, he places higher than my last place finisher because he has personality and is kinda fun.

#8) - LIL - TERRIBLE! MIMIC! AWFUL! She is soooo boring it hurts. This better be the week she lands in the bottom. She deserves it. UNBELIEVABLE how they can say she can sing when there is no proof.

bottom 3 should be: Lil, Scott, Danny (with Lil or Scott leaving)

bottom 3 will be: Scott, Anoop, Kris (with Anoop leaving)

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