Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AI's Top 9

American Idol has officially pissed me off - well these stupid judges at least. This week saw them praise a completely tuneless performance, call someones shit screaming "effortless vocals", and trashed my favorite on a good night. I HATE THEM. Here is the real judging of what happened:

#1) ADAM
As if you would have thought otherwise, Adam turned what could have been complete trash (with a questionable song choice "Play that Funky Music White Boy") into the best performance of his so far in the competition. He is the real deal! Awesome!

#2) KRIS
He also turned in his best, which almost could rival Adam's, but doesnt. He was unquestionably the second best of the night however.

I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY .. SHE WAS GOOD!!! I dont care how much the judges consistantly trash her, I dont care what you personally thought, I know what I heard and i LOVED it! Megan excites me everytime. She is unique, personable, and sings great. I love her. And I hate jealous ass Kara.

She was good - but not her usual great. And she did look awful. However that doesnt matter. What does matter is that it wasn't her best week - but still better than most.

#5) MATT
A lot of people think he jumped the shark again, like he did with Viva La Vida. I personally didn't mind that (too much), and I certainly didn't mind this! I actually kinda liked it.

I. Hate. Him.

He was a back-talking, awfully un-sexy or exciting mess. One of his worst. I hope he gets the axe soon!

American Idol's big grinning joke this season didnt dissapoint. Although he sang a bit better, he was still awful! And he looked more frightening than ever.

#9) LIL
The wannabe Diva was HORRIBLE as per usual. I honestly think this was her worst yet. And thats a feat.


However that aside. I predict the stupid American public will have Megan, Matt, and Anoop in the bottom - and that Megan will leave. STUPID STUPID america

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